R.A.T. Run Trips (Remote Area Testing)

  • 2022 - Breaking Point

    2022 - Breaking Point

    Destinations:  Channel Country, Noccundra, Flinders Ranges, Mt Dare, Alice Springs, Finke Gorge National Park, Boulia, Birdsville, Oodnadatta, William Creek, Lake Eyre Products Tested Cruisemaster ATX Unleashed  Undisclosed...

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    Destination: Far North QLD Products Tested Undisclosed Cruisemaster Prototypes Undisclosed Kaymar, Hayman Reese, Rola Prototypes   The 2021 R.A.T. Run marked the twelfth trip since it’s inception in 2009, this annual Remote Area...

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  • 2019 - R.A.T. RUN X

    Destination: QLD, NT, WA, SA, NSW Products Tested XT Freestyle DO35 V3 Plus Prototype Long Travel Suspension Other Undisclosed Prototypes   R.A.T. Run 2019 was dubbed R.A.T. Run X a celebration of 10 years of the R.A.T. Run but actually...

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  • 2018 - Beach to Bush

    Destination: Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach, West to Relleston Products Tested Yet to be Released   R.A.T Run 2018 was meant to be a departure from the standard R.A.T. Run; we couldn’t have predicted how different this trip would end up...

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  • 2017 - Out to Alice Springs

    Destination: Alice Springs Products Tested X-Cruise Suspension (Prototype) CRS V2 Suspension (Prototype) After years of the annual R.A.T. Run you would think they would get easier with time, that was certainly proven not the case in 2017. The...

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  • 2016 - Return to the Cape

    Destination: Cape York Products Tested ATX Suspension (Final Form Pre-Release)  DO35 V3 Coupling (Prototype)   After implementation of a number of engineering changes based on the lessons learn from 2015’s trip to the Cape the...

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  • 2015 - Non Stop to the Top

    Destination: Cape York Products Tested ATX Suspension   What was a secret prototype in 2014 had now been christened the Cruisemaster ATX, a premium heavy duty all-terrain trailing arm suspension system perfect for the increasingly common...

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  • 2014 - Dust Along the Darling

    Destination: Burke to Menindee along the Darling Products Tested ATX Suspension with Air and Discs (Un-named prototype)    The R.A.T. Run is typically associated with testing of Cruisemaster products not services but that wasn’t...

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  • 2013 - Outfront in the Outback

    Destination: Karumba via the Burke Development Road Products Tested CRS V1 Suspension (aka Project Nelson) XT Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers XT Anti-Roll Bar Bolt on Stub Axles DO35 V2 DO45 V1   In 2013 the Cruisemaster team tackled a route...

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  • 2012 - A Testing Time

    Destination: Alice Springs Products Tested CRS V1 (Prototype) Suspension DO35 V2 Coupling   2012 was the toughest R.A.T. Run to date as the Cruisemaster team made their way to Alice Springs. While the testing equipment hadn’t changed...

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  • 2011 - Circling the Simpson

    Destination: Simpson Desert Products Tested XT Coil Suspension (Alternate Shock Absorbers) DO35 V2 (Prototype) Coupling   After 2 successful years of thorough Remote Area Testing Cruisemaster took a massive step towards the program being...

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  • 2010 - Breakout to Birdville

    Destination: Birdsville Product Tested XT Coil V2 Suspension XT Air V2 Suspension  DO35 V1 Coupling 2010 the Cruisemaster team made their way from Brisbane to Birdsville through to the Flinders ranges and back again, this time with a...

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  • 2009 - Escape to the Cape

    2009 - Escape to the Cape

    Destination: Cape York Products Tested XT Coil Suspension Economaster Coil Suspension DO35 V1 Coupling   In 2009 Cruisemaster’s R.A.T. Run was officially launched, this would see the trials and tribulations of real life testing in...

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2022 - Breaking Point
2009 - Escape to the Cape

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