Why Join Cruisemaster?

Here at Cruisemaster we are focused on continuously improving and real world testing everything we do. We make the best products in our field, and it never gets old hearing that direct from the people using it! So if you're looking for job satisfaction, and play a part of making the things we do to get people the places they go, see our current openings below.


ABS Enabled

All Cruisemaster Suspension Systems are now compatible with Bosch TSC. The TSC's integration of ABS and ESC provides superior ride quality and safety.

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Suspension Retrofits

Love the box on top but want to prolong its life, tackle tougher tracks or increase your payload? A suspension upgrade/retrofit might be the perfect, cost effective solution.

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2022 Remote Area Testing : Breaking Point

Over two weeks, just under 7,000kms and through three states, In the 2022 R.A.T Run we pushed our product testing beyond breaking point.

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