Cruisemaster in the USA


Where to buy Cruisemaster in the USA?

Cruisemaster ships both customised suspension kits and DO35's direct to the USA.


Trailers in the USA fitted with Cruisemaster Suspension.

These are some of the trailers available in the USA fitted with Cruisemaster.










Trailers in the USA fitted with Cruisemaster Couplings.

These are some of the trailers available in the USA fitted with the Cruisemaster DO35 or DO45 Couplings.

 bean.jpg teton.jpg terra-rover.jpgopus-1.jpg


More USA built trailers to be added soon.

Compliance in the USA.

One of our most commonly asked question is in regards to the DO35 couplings compliance in the US. 

DO35 & DO45 Couplings have USA Compliance:

SAE J684 Rated to 3500Kg (7714lbs), Class 4 Trailers

Are you a trailer manufacturer in the USA and looking to add Cruisemaster gear to your new builds? Get in touch with us now.

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