Cruisemaster™ has a proud history of engineering and real life testing, these elements have meant Cruisemaster™ is the trusted leader in the industry when it comes to products being designed to last. Our confidence to stand behind our product gives you the confidence it will get you there and back again.

2018 - Current 3 Year Warranty (2 Year Extension Available)

Pre-2018 2 Year Warranty

In addition, an extended 2 year parts only warranty will is available to any owner that registers their warranty with Cruisemaster™ within 3 months of taking delivery of their vehicle.
This can be done by filling out the extended warranty registration form.

Cruisemaster™ 2018 - Current Warranty Policy

Cruisemaster™ Extended Warranty Policy

For goods purchased prior to 01/01/18 please find details of our previous warranty process attached below.

Cruisemaster™ Pre 2018 Warranty Policy


Warranty Claim Forms

Cruisemaster™ Warranty Claim Form - Suspensions

Cruisemaster™ Warranty Claim Form - Couplings & Stands

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