Cruisemaster Reference Number: CM002

DOI Reference Number: REC-005677

Product Details

Cruisemaster XT suspension arm assemblies with Electric brakes supplied from Cruisemaster Melbourne between 24 November 2022 and 6 April 2023, on order numbers 765165 to 789841.

Characteristics Of Recall

The brake mounting flange was incorrectly located prior to welding. In some cases this causes the electric brake to jam against the brake drum leading to brake locking.

Identifying Affected Product

The suspension affected can be identified by the order number on the identification plate. The affected range is 765165 - 789841. Direct customers of Cruisemaster will be provided the order numbers supplied to them. Below is an example of the identification plate outlining the part number location. 

ID Flow


Recall Part Number List



Recall Part Number Search



When actuating the service brake, the brake may lock causing unpredictable braking and vehicle behaviour. This may cause serious injury or death to the user.

Additional Information

If the vehicle is not in service, it should not be sold to the final owner until inspected and rectification action undertaken if required. If in service, owners should limit use of the trailer, until inspected and rectification action undertaken if required.

What To Do

 If you have identified that your parts are affected through "CM002 Locking Brakes Recall List" or the 'Recall Part Number Search' Search the next step is to contact Cruisemaster to book in for replacement of the affected parts. 

Cruisemaster Melbourne – Quality: 03 9087 9475

Looking for additional support? Contact us and a Cruisemaster Recall Team Member will get back to you.


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