Cruisemaster ABS Enabled

Cruisemaster's range of suspension systems are now ABS/ESC enabled.

Cruisemaster suspension systems will be available in two varients, ABS Enabled and ABS Compatible.

ABS Enabled
Cruisemaster 'ABS Enabled' systems include all of the required brake/arm hardware to have your Caravan or Trailer's ready to connect to a Bosch ABS system. 
ABS Compatible
'ABS Compatible' systems include an ABS ready arm, drum and backing plate but does not include the wheel speed sensor and other components required to connect to an ABS control system.
Cruisemaster ABS Enabled suspension systems are available on 10" and 12" Electric Drum Brake systems, not compatible with Disc Brake Systems.
Towing Benefits of ABS Systems (Anti-Lock Braking System) 
  • Reduces the risks of caravan or trailer jack-knifing, skidding and trailer sway during emergency braking situations.
  • Improved braking performance through increased brake outputs.
  • Increases control during evasive procedures on the road.

The Cruisemaster ABS Enabled Difference

The Cruisemaster ABS Enabled systems uses premium automotive grade/style technology in it's ABS hardware different to the existing systems in the market.

Collaboration with Bosch

Cruisemaster ABS Enabled systems have been developed for use with the Bosch ABS/ESC System. Cruisemaster ABS Enabled systems have been tested and supported by the Bosch Team.