Cruisemaster CRS

Cruisemaster™ CRS builds on the experience of the market leading Cruisemaster™ XT suspension, resulting in a lightweight package that is equally at home on the black top as it is on the dirt roads. This suspension is designed for the...

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Cruisemaster CRS2

Introducing Cruisemaster™ CRS2… The Next Generation of Country Road Suspension. The CRS2 takes the learnings form the previous generation CRS and improves upon the system...

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Cruisemaster ATX

The engineering department went all out on this one, opting for all the best bits including off-road race specification monotube dampers, bigger VC bearings and a 63mm stub axle! All of this on the Cruisemaster™ single arm platform, results in the...

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Cruisemaster GT

Cruisemaster™ GT is the newest addition to the Cruisemaster™ range of independent suspensions. This innovative road based suspension delivers the advantages of improved ride and handling that benefit off-road vans, in an affordable compact...

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Cruisemaster XT

Cruisemaster™ XT paved the way for mainstream use of independent suspensions on caravans and camper trailers. It’s simple yet robust design allows you to tow your trailer wherever the road takes you.Coil With King Springs made from X5K...

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This series follows the Towing Performace Centre Team as they transform two stock D-Max's into optimised towing machines. I built for 3.5T towing, the other for hitting the tough tracks with a camper.

Episodes released weekly on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram TV.

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Camper Issue 124

Kelly Campers XC-1

"What better way to start than with Vehicle Components 2200kg-rated Cruisemaster XT independent trailing arm suspension, with twin Shockmaster shocks and coil springs (can be optioned with air) either side, including toe-in and camber adjustment. This is a time proven premium suspension system that simply won't let you down"... Read more in Camper Issue 124

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Camper Issue 125

Trackabout Safari AE20

"From the bottom up, the Trackabout Safari is built on very solid foundations. You simply don’t find better undercarriage than the Cruisemaster XT fully independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs and twin gas shockers, either side."... Read more in Camper Issue 125

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Caravan World Issue 575

JB Gator-X

"What stood out to me though was how quiet the body and chassis were when really pushing the ATX Air Suspension; which we did"... Read more in Caravan World Issue 575

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CCAmagazine Issue 4

Cruisemasters R.A.T. Run

"The R.A.T. Run short for ‘Remote Area Testing’ Run is an annual proving ground where Cruisemaster takes prototype products on extensive testing trip through some of the harshest conditions in Australia to qualify the products being ready for release into the market.

This is a look back on the R.A.T. Run, testing without limits."... Read the full article in CCAmagazine Issue 4 or through the link below

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Camper Issue 127

BRS Offroad - Sherpa

The Teardrop meets the 21st century in the new BRS Sherpa mini hybrid camper" "The whole package rides on a Cruisemaster XT Suspension" "At the front the hitch is now the almost universal DO35"... Read more in Camper Issue 124

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