ATX Unleashed - M60 Upgrade Kit

ATX Unleashed - M60 Upgrade Kit

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Unleash your next adventure with the ultimate ATX upgrade.


  • 2 x M60 Shock Absorbers
  • 2 x Reinforced SS Guards
  • 1 x Fitment Kit

(1 kit will service a single axle, 2 x kits required for tandem axle)

(Please Note: Top Shock Bolt not included, this bolt can be reused from the original mounting hardware)


  • M60 - Adjustable 60mm monotube piggyback shock absorbers offer improved ride and control
  • Easily Adjust to a softer or firmer ride
  • 74% more oil volume*
  • 78% more cooling area*
  • Reinforced Stainless Steel shock mounts
  • Extreme conditions tested

*Comparison with Standard ATX M46 Shock Absorbers

This is an upgrade shock absorber kit for Cruisemaster™ ATX suspension systems only, this item is not suitable for other suspension systems.

Use of this shock absorber on other systems will immediately leave the warranty void. 


*While product shown is expected release model, some cosmetic changes may occur.



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