Cruisemaster Reference Number: CM001

ACCC Reference Number: 2021/18988



10in and 12in Cruisemaster Electric Trailer Brake, shipped from Cruisemaster between 4 February 2021 and 20 April 2021 with Part Numbers: 05-3075 and 05-3076 (“the Brake”).



The cable operated Park Brake Lever (circled in red opposite) has been manufactured in a way that may cause it to fail in some circumstances. The electronically activated service brake is not affected.




Identifying Affected Product 

We have created an ID flow to help determine if your suspension is affected by this recall. Click on the images below to be taken to the documents.


            ID FLOW              

         RECALL LIST 




Extreme caution must be taken when disconnecting a trailer fitted with the Brake from the tow vehicle because if the Park Brake is being applied and the Lever fails, the trailer may move in an uncontrolled manner.



The braking ability of the vehicle when towing is unaffected, it is safe to tow the vehicle while awaiting the replacement of the park brake levers.


What to do

If you have identified using the 'ID FLOW' tool that your brakes are affected the next step is to contact the nearest approves service agent to book in for replacement of the park brake levers. A kit to replace the Lever is available for fitment by an approved repairer / service agent. 

A service agent / repairer is authorised to conduct the Recall works if;

1. A Cruisemaster National Service Network Member (NSN)

2. A Pedders Suspension & Brakes Store

3. Approved repairer of the vehicle manufacturer


Commonly Asked Questions

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 Looking for additional support? Contact us and a Cruisemaster Recall Team Member will get back to you.



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