The Iconic All-Terrain Suspension System.

Available in Air or Coil, with Electric Drum or Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Systems up to 4.5T ATM.

Often copied but never matched; the iconic XT suspension from Cruisemaster has led the way for independent trailer suspension systems for well over 10 years now.

Now in its 6th generation XTFreestyle gives you more freedom then ever before! Whether it's the freedom of design specs, the freedom of style choices or most importantly the freedom to explore Australia your way!

While many trailer suspension systems on the market today may take “inspiration” from our original A-Frame arm design it’s the small things we have learnt over the last 5 generations of XT suspension design that keeps raising the bar for performance and functionality.

No longer considered just an “Off-Road” system, Cruisemaster XT takes it’s design queue’s from all terrain types to ensure you can achieve the right ride no matter the terrain making it a legitimate all-terrain system.

Cruisemaster XT is the most versatile caravan/trailer system available on the market today, giving you more options to build the perfect suspension for your needs.





Suitable Terrain
  • Highways
  • Sealed Roads
  • Dirt Roads
  • Corrugations
  • Extreme Off-Road
  • Available in:
    Coil Single Axle (ATM)

    1200Kgs – 1600Kgs – 2200Kgs

    2600Kgs – 2800Kgs

    Coil Tandem Axle (ATM)

    2200Kgs – 2900Kgs – 3300Kgs

    3700Kgs – 4100Kgs – 4500Kgs

    Air Single Axle (ATM)

    1400Kgs – 1700Kgs – 2600Kgs

    Air Tandem Axle (ATM)

    2800Kgs – 3400Kgs – 4500Kgs

    • Iconic arm design made in Australia
    • G35 (35mm gas) or G40 (40mm gas) dual tube dampers
    • Polyurethane bump stops & greaseable bushes
    • Two ride height options (straight / Drop Axles)
    • 50mm Stub Axle with reinforcing plate
    • Highest load capacity in its class
    • Grease nipples for easy maintenance
    • Inbuilt Cable Management
    • Style it your way with a range of finishes including premium powder coating
    • Cruisemaster bolt on caliper design allows for easy disc brake upgrades
    • Electric Drum or ventilated Disc Brakes
    • Camber & Toe adjustment for reduced tyre wear
    • A range of stud patterns & spigot sizes available to match wheels
    • Gen.2 Shock Absorber Mounting System
    Air Only:
    • Twin rate spring system with Firestone air springs
    • 5 air control system options incl. Wireless & Auto
    • On-site levelling
    Coil Only:
    • Twin rate spring system with X5K King Springs (5 sizes)

    SCI QUAL International recognised manufacturer

    CIAA Accredited Industry Supplier