Air Suspension - Ride Height Indicators

Air Suspension - Ride Height Indicators

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Cruisemaster Ride Height Indicators help you to get that perfect ride every time.

Used in conjunction with airbag suspension systems; caravans, campers and tow vehicles alike.

Simply set your ride height as per your suspensions user guide once, and then use these plates as a visual reference from that point onward.

Want to get back to the correct ride height of the tow vehicle after hitching up? These indicators are the perfect compliment to helper bags.


Once correct height is set, simply apply the indicators lining up the top of wheel with the plates indicator line. No need to measure ride height again! Just adjust your height until the tyre lines up with the indicator line and your good to go!


2 x Indicator Plates per pack

Indicator Plates come supplied with adhesive tape & installation instructions.

Plates can be secured with either the adhesive tape or rivet points.