XT - G35/G40/F41 Shock Absorber Type 2 Bolt Kit

XT - G35/G40/F41 Shock Absorber Type 2 Bolt Kit

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The Cruisemaster™ Type 2 Bolt Kit is for use with G35, G40 and F41 shock absorbers as part of the Cruisemaster™ XT suspension system with dual shock configuration.

When replacing shock absorbers on your Cruisemaster™ XT suspension system it is important to ensure the bolts are still in good condition and nylocs are replaced. 

This handy kit provides the bolts, nylocs and spacers required for changing over dual configuration shock absorbers on your XT (tandem axles will require 2 kits).


  • 4 x 60-B-M12X140-8.8
  • 4 x 60-N-M12NYL
  • 4 x 33B-048


Please note kit is only for use with XT suspension systems

Single shock XT systems require a Type 1 Kit

refer to maintenance instructions for correct installation guidelines including torque requirements.