WDH2 - Hayman Reese "Classic Series" Adaptor

WDH2 - Hayman Reese "Classic Series" Adaptor

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Designed for use with DO35 V2 Couplings (not required for DO35 V3 Coupling)

Hayman Reese Weight Distribution systems are not specifically designed for use with the Cruisemaster off-road couplings, as the extra articulation that the off-road coupling provides can sometimes allow contact between the HR WDH system and coupling which may possibly result in damage to either component. Cruisemaster has designed a range of adaptors to suit the various HR WDH systems available. These adaptors reposition the towing point which allows a DO35 to articulate without any chance of contact. Hayman Reese is the only brand of WDH that these adaptors have been tested and approved for use with.

Extend your Hayman Reese CLASSIC tow clearance with this Weight Distribution Adapter Kit.

This adaptor kit is only compatible with the "classic" series of Hayman Reese weight distribution systems. It is not compatible with the "standard" series of Hayman Reese weight distribution systems. 
The Hayman Reese Classic WDH series features the traditional tried and tested welded weight distribution head with trunnion style spring bars. To fit a DO35 V2 to this WDH requires the use of adaptor kit (Part No. 18D-HM-WDH2). The kit ships complete with SA5 plated extension bracket and fasteners. Installation requires a hole to be drilled through the top of the WDH to fit a M12 bolt (see detailed installation instructions below).

(This item can be used with V3 couplings but not a requirement for use)



In all cases installers should check that the coupling movement is not restricted in any way. Also check for obstruction of the WDH against the trailer drawbar at all angles as collision may occur during reversing which can damage the coupling. It is also worth noting that the application of a WDH may impose additional loads on the coupling. The DO35 is rated to a max vertical load of 350kg.

Installers should ensure that they are familiar with the installation, maintenance and safety requirements that accompanies each coupling.


Please speak to our sales staff to find out if any other brand of weight distribution systems are compatible with the DO35 - phone us on 1300 35 45 65.


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