Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When brake performance and safety is a priority on your next trip, look to Australia’s leader in Towing Technology, Cruisemaster.

While Electric Drum Brakes have historically been the standard in the caravanning industry; Cruisemaster hasn’t achieved its leader status in the market by being content only offering the market norms. While Electric Drums still prove to be a reliable and cost effective solution for caravan brakes; Cruisemaster has proudly offered a premium Hydraulic Disc Brake solution since 2006 for consistent performance, reduced braking distance and superior safety.

Premium Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brakes available on ATX and XT independent systems as well as our premium beam axles.



• Comes with Deemaxx Caliper & 2 piece ventilated rotor for durability & low maintenance
• Maxx coated calipers are fitted with semi-metallic pads for maximum life in harsh Australian conditions
• Large 12” ventilated rotor reduces brake fade by providing efficient cooling during high performance
• Provides up to 35%* more brake torque than equivalent Electric Drum Brakes
• Not subject to the same level of speed & temperature performance degradation as Electric Drum Brakes
• Specifically designed manual application system available for park-brake capabilities
• Park-brake capabilities do not rely on hydraulic pressure (that can be affected by temperature variations) for more consistent performance

*Theoretical increase in average brake torque based on calculation