Cruisemaster A/T Electric Brakes

Cruisemaster All-Terrain Brakes provide a cost effective, quality 10" and 12" braking product for the Australian Market. The Cruisemaster A/T Brakes include extended brake lines with quick connects allowing for secure electrical joints can be made in less exposed locations.

Current generation Cruisemaster A/T Brakes come standard as "ABS Compatible" meaning our standard suspension offering is future proofed for upgrading to an "ABS Enables" system down the track.

These brakes offer 2.8T single axle braking capacity on Cruisemaster XT and 3.0T on ATX suspensions with a 4.5T tandem capacity.

Both 10” and 12” versions are available for sale as part of the Cruisemaster suspension ranges, individually for spares and maintenance and in bulk for repairers and manufacturers. 

The Cruisemaster All Terrain (A/T) Electric Brakes have undertaken extensive testing since development in 2016, tackling various terrains around the country covering over 40000km. They have seen the sand of Fraser Island, the heat, corrugations and water crossings of the Telegraph Track and Cape York and numerous kilometres of outback roads. One set of brakes even completed a lap of Australia including a week of off-road durability testing at the AARC (Australian Automotive Research Centre) proving grounds. We therefore have confidence in the durability of this brake in all Australian conditions*.

Approved for use with most stability control units used in Australia*.

*Contact the Cruisemaster Customer Service Team for specifics

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