Cruisemaster Slide Stand (V2)

Cruisemaster Slide Stand (V2)

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The Cruisemaster™ Slide Stand (V2) is rated to 2.0T and comes pre-fitted with a bolt on bracket for easy fitment.

The pre-fitted bolt on bracket can also be welded direct to the drawbar, if welding we strongly recommend you prep the weld area by removing the SA5 finish prior to welding for the best result. 

The design of these stands includes a full 6TPI ACME load bearing thread and automotive grade taper roller bearing giving support in both axial and sideways directions. This makes the stands light to wind yet robust enough to be specified by Councils and Mines. The stand handles are fully sealed with an O-ring and a grease nipple is incorporated into the top for lubrication. This ensures a long, trouble free life for the mechanism. Each stand is fully SA5 plated and slide mechanisms include stainless steel components. An optional steel wheel assembly is available with a dynamic rating of 500kgs.


  • Rated to 2.0T
  • Pre-fitted mounting bracket
  • 375mm vertical slide range
  • 270mm winding lift (stroke)
  • SA5 coated with stainless steel components
  • 5 Year Warranty 


• All Slimline stands have a 2 tonne static / lifting load limit. This is the load that is capable of being lifted with the trailer stationary on firm and level ground with the stand installed as per Cruisemaster specifications.

• When a Slimline stand or swivel combination is fitted with a Slimline jockey wheel (51S 102) the stand has a maximum dynamic load of 500kgs. This figure is a guide only and is based on moving a trailer on firm and level ground. Ultimate strength will depend on drawbar strength, surface condition, usage etc. Using the Slimline Jockey Wheel raises the stand by approx. 175mm


Part Code: 51S-100SLIDE