Book - They Found Our Engineer

Book - They Found Our Engineer

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They Found Our Engineer - The Story of Arthur Goddard, Land Rover's First Engineer.

This book written by Michael Bishop in collaboration with Arthur Goddard captures Arthur's 1st hand experiences as a founding member of the Land Rover team right through to the early stages of Vehicle Components (now Cruisemaster). 


"The British Land Rover 4x4 has grown from 1948 to become one of the world's leading automotive brands. Exactly how it all came together back in the late 1940's and early 50's has been the topic of interest and debate for many years. This was until two Australian enthusiasts, Michael Bishop and Alex Massey quite literally stumbled across senior member of the original Land Rover development team, Arthur Goddard living in Brisbane, Australia in 2009. The discovery led to many of the myths and tales surrounding the early vehicles to be heard as it happened from Arthur's point of view. Then to a trip by Arthur to visit his old work place in Solihull and to the vehicle that he helped bring to life back in 1948. The book contains both a technical and human side to this incredible story as well as a great reunion between Arthur and his old colleague Spen King who went onto design the Range Rover in the 1960's. This is truly a unique story from the time of post War World two Britain to modern day Australia and how the iconic 4x4 grew up so quickly in the 1950's to become the world leader that it is today." - Google Books


Find out for yourself why Arthur Goddard is referred to as the Godfather of Land Rover.