Australia’s Premium All-Terrain Suspension System.

Available in Air or Coil, with Electric Drum or Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Systems Up to 4.5T ATM.

If your looking for the very best possible suspension to go under a caravan or luxury camper trailer look no further than Cruisemaster ATX suspension system! Designed from the ground up by our in-house engineering team this system screams performance where ever you look.

ATX suspension is build for a lifetime of adventures with its key components being able to be upgraded as your needs change. Buy the coil spring/drum brake configuration now with the option of upgrading to air bag/disc brakes down the track!

Stress less with a heavy duty build less likely to run into problems out on the tracks. A sturdy 63mm stub axle, extra-large 3.3T VC bearing combination, premium monotube dampers and lockable toe and camber adjusters means you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time dealing with overheated components and maintenance.





Available in:
Coil Single Axle (ATM)

2200Kgs, 2600Kgs, 2800Kgs

Coil Tandem Axle (ATM)

3700Kgs, 4500Kgs

Air Single Axle (ATM)

2200Kgs, 2800Kgs

Air Tandem Axle (ATM)

3700Kgs, 4500Kgs

  • Long travel (140mm) single arm design
  • 215mm ride height
  • Drum or ventilated disc brake options
  • 63mm stub axle with large VC bearings
  • Standard rebound cable
  • Interchangeable King Spring coil or custom Firestone air spring options
  • 46mm piggyback monotube dampers
  • Premium multi-stage powdercoating
  • Locking camber and toe adjustment
  • Simple self-aligning mounting system
  • Powdercoated as standard
  • RAT proven