Exploring Australia starts when the street lights end! Upgrade your lighting set up with quality Australian products from Stedi for improved vision while driving. Stedi offers high quality, high performance LED driving lights at accessible prices. Stedi lights have been tried and tested on Cruisemaster's own R.A.T. Run Vehicles.

  • LED Light Bars
  • LED Spot Lights
  • LED Work Lights
  • Brackets, Wiring & Accessories

Stedi Products used by the team:

76 Series Toyota Landcruiser

- Type X Pro LED Spot Lights      - 11.5 Inch 10 LED Light Bar      - Rear Work Lights

Isuzu D-Max Light Build for 3.5T Towing

- 21.5 Inch 20 LED Slim Light Bar

Isuzu D-Max Heavy Build for Outback Touring

- 24.5 Inch 16 LED Single Row Light Bar

Isuzu D-Max TPC Tow Test Vehicle

- 21.5 Inch 32 LED Double Row Light Bar


Learn more about Stedi and check out their range here.

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