Cruisemaster™ Caravan Repairs and Servicing Centre provides a range of quality servicing options for caravans and campers trailers.

Our highly trained technicians are qualified with decades of specialist experience in servicing, repairing and upgrading caravan and camper trailer parts.



  • Brake inspection, service & replacement
  • Wheel bearing inspection, service & replacement
  • Suspension lubrication & overhaul
  • Axle replacement
  • Coupling replacement & upgrade
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Suspension retrofits
  • Caravan repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Servicing of all suspension types

* Please note that we do not perform internal or body work on caravans and trailers

Our commitment to customer service, and providing honest, reliable, quality and professional servicing has seen our Service Centre grow exponentially since opening in early 2012. Our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed quotation.





"We had our caravan suspension serviced today. We are extremely thankful for the great job they did. I highly recommend this company" - Julie Hoffman

"We purchased a Spinifex caravan in 2014 and prior to our first trip we were advised to go and complete a shake down trip of around 1000 kms and then take it to Vehicle Components to have a wheel alignment and suspension check.

I rang your service division and spoke to Kierran and I then booked in our caravan to have a wheel alignment and general suspension check over. After my phone call, I said to my wife what a pleasant experience that was.

When we arrived at the workshop Kierran came out to greet us and explained to myself and my wife what his team was going to do and where he wanted me to park the caravan.

Kierran said that he would call me half an hour before the caravan was finished and this would allow us to get back to the workshop, he expected to call us around 3.00 pm. Sure enough the phone rang at 2.50 and when we arrived Kierran assisted with the directing of the car to hitch up the caravan. He then explained what his team had done and how the suspension was set up.

We left the workshop feeling very pleased about how things went. 
I rang Kierran in February 2015 and booked our caravan in March for a check over as we were about to do the “Big Lap” around Australia and we expected to do approximately 15,000 klms.

So in March we took the caravan down to Vehicle Components in Geebung and we were once again greeted by ever friendly Kierran who assisted us with backing into the workshop. Once again Kierran said he would call us around 3.00 pm which he did. When we got to the workshop Kierran explained what his team had done and how the wheel alignment had not altered and the tyres were wearing perfectly. That eased my mind greatly knowing that we should not have any issues.

After completing our “Big Lap” I rang Kierran in October 2016 and booked our caravan in for a check over and wheel alignment. Once again, we were greeted by the ever friendly Kierran. 
We left the workshop knowing we would get a call mid-afternoon to say we could collect our caravan and sure enough at 3.00 pm we were called. We drove back to Geebung and hitched up with Kierran's assistance. We paid our account and left to go to home, once again feeling very happy with the Service and the whole experience we had received from Kierran and his team at Vehicle Components Service Centre. Thank You" - Eric and Sheryl Horan


"We wanted to share with you our recent experience with your Service Centre as we felt that the quality of workmanship, the attention to detail and the quality of staff needed to be recognised. Many companies talk about being focused on providing excellent Customer Service but so many of them fail to deliver on that promise. 
Vehicle Components however, really do “everything right” in the customer service arena and we wanted to share our experience, especially with regards to our interaction with the Service Centre which is run by Kierran and his team.

Towards the end of an extensive 16,000 km road trip we discovered a problem with the wheel alignment on our Elite Balistic caravan which is fitted with the Cruisemaster AT Suspension. We had previously had a wheel alignment and service during our trip but one of the tyres had continued to show abnormal wear. Based on our previous dealings with Vehicle Components we decided to contact Kierran at Vehicle Components to see if he could help us. Kierran organised to check out the problem even though he was heavily committed with other work. When we met Kierran and his team we were extremely impressed, to say the least. The team were all very courteous and the workshop was clean and well organised. The work was done in an extremely professional manner and they found the cause and rectified the problem.

We have since been back to have our van serviced and wheel alignment checked. Once again Kierran and the team were outstanding in all aspects of customer service. They made us feel that we were very valued customers and the work that was done on our van was top quality.

When towing a caravan, it is crucial to make sure that everything is in proper working order. When we hooked up our van and drove off we felt confident that the work which had been carried out on our van was of the highest possible quality and that the van was in the best possible towing condition.

I will certainly be recommending to friends and fellow van owners to go to Vehicle Components for Caravan Servicing.

Thank you again to Kierran and his great team." - Peter and Robyn


"Yesterday I had extensive work carried out on my Boroma vans suspension. I would like to pass onto management my extreme satisfaction on the way your staff handled my job, right from the first telephone conversation to the finished job. I was the Dealer Principal in a similar retail, parts and workshop business in Western Australia for forty years and know the importance of good staff. Yours, (and especially Kierran) were exemplary. Don't lose him, he is really good man. It was a pleasure to do business, please pass on my thanks to the workshop fella's. Cheers!" - Mike Branson 

"On this recent trip back to Brisbane to see the grand kids I had a look at one of the brakes and was amazed how bad they were, so I went to Vehicle Components as you were the original manufacturer to see if I could book it in for service, I tried earlier to see if anyone could fix then in my time frame but was told the van was tooooooo big. You were busy on the floor that day and a young gentleman came to see me, he was very pleasant and helpful regarding the booking in process.

A week later I arrived for the service and was greeted with a happy crew who guided me into the service area without any fuss. 
Later in the day you informed me to see the staff working on the van about an issue with air leaks and was amazed at how many air leaks I had and he also explained everything including how the bushes were incorrectly fitted previously.

We'll after spending all of my months pension in one go, was I happy, you bet I am.

You have a very talented and knowledgeable team working for you, and they are very good with customer service. Would I come back again YES I would. Would I refer you business YES!

Look after the younger ones as you have trained them well! 
Will see you again in about 18 months or sometime for another service.

Please let your staff know how pleased I was with the service." - Graham Bebbington


"After much deliberation I decided to cough up the $1500 to have a dexter sway control system supplied and installed by Vehicle Components. Spending that sort of money on something that you can't really see that just works in the background can be a tough call. On collecting the van out of hours I crawled under it to have a look at what I had paid for. I spent much longer under the van than I had intended, what I was looking at was an absolute work of art. The attention to detail and the care taken was most evident.

Thank you Dean for your work and Kierran for your no nonsense approach over the phone." - Richard Murphy


"The real reason for my email is to give feedback about the guys from your Servicing Department. What a pleasure it was to deal with them last Wednesday & you should be proud & thankful to have such valuable & dedicated people working for your organisation. Servicing of the brakes was long overdue so it turned out to be a more complex job than a standard brake/bearing service. At all times Kierran & Kelvin clearly explained what was required to fix the faults & bring our rig back to good working order. The young fellow whose name I have forgotten was also very pleasant & helpful. When looking for a service provider who sells & or uses quality materials & who employs people I feel confident in, whom I can trust & who have the skills & knowledge to do an excellent job. My impression is that Vehicle Components is one such organisation & again I would like to thank Kierran, Kelvin & the younger guy (sorry I forgot your name) for their professional attitude & excellent service delivery." - Greg & Diane 



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