DO65 - Pintle Ring Coupling

DO65 - Pintle Ring Coupling

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The Cruisemaster DO65 is shown here with optional Mounting Bracket and Pintle Ring (available separately) offering a longer life and quieter operation for your trailer than the standard NATO ring coupling and pintle hook.

The key to this ingenious design is to separate the ball movement from the coupling. Unlike the normal pintle hook arrangement there is no play between the two allowing for quiet operation and reduced wear especially when operating under arduous conditions.

In addition the coupling does not bind up when reversing in tight situations.


  • D-Rating of 3.5t applies only when fitted to the pintle hook adaptor see (sold seperately)
  • In all other fitments, the coupling is rated to 3.5t or towbar rating  - whichever is lower (Ensure the tow bar rating is suitable for application)


  • Main 7/8in nut to be torqued to 560 Nm (410 ft/lbs)
  • Drill a 6mm hole at a radius of 20mm from the pin hole into the tow bar tongue for anti-rotation pin to locate into at a depth of 10mm

Part Code: 18D-DO65

Previously known as the VC018