Experiencing a sagging rear end when towing? Looks like you need some helper bags from Airbag Man. Helper bags on the tow vehicle allow you to lift the sagging rear end when towing your caravan, camper trailer or boat. This leveling of the tow vehicle leads to a more comfortable, economic and safe driving experience.

Available for most vehicles, both coil suspensions and leaf spring suspensions.

Control units are also available for making adjustments easy.

Cruisemaster has used Airbag Man products with their XT and ATX suspension systems for years as well as on our own tow vehicles used in testing.

Airbag Man is an Australian owned and operated company who the Cruisemaster TPC is proud to be partnering with.

Airbag Man Products used by the team:

76 Series Toyota Landcruiser

- Helper Bags      - Wireless Monitoring Gauge

Isuzu D-Max Light Build for 3.5T Towing

- Helper Bags

Isuzu D-Max TPC Tow Test Vehicle

- Helper Bags


Learn more about Airbag Man and their range of air springs and control units.

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