Air System - Wireless Digital Pressure Monitoring Gauge

Air System - Wireless Digital Pressure Monitoring Gauge

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This Wireless Gauge can be added to existing On Board Air Supply Systems or as part of a complete system/package to suit your application.

If you want to easily monitor the pressures in both your airbags from the comfort of your own vehicle, then this is the perfect solution for you. Plug & Play Wireless Dual Air Pressure Monitoring Gauge.

This 12 Volt Plug n Play gauge is compatible with all our Air Suspension kits whether it be airbags on your vehicle or trailer you can easily monitor the pressures in both Airbags from the comfort of your vehicle.

Another awesome feature is the user savable high and low pressure alarms, to ensure that you are notified right away when there is a drop below your minimum or increase past your maximum pressure.

The subtle alarm can also be muted for your convenience via the display.

The pressures can be easily set by you, to suit the minimum & maximum pressures specified in your vehicle specific air suspension kit.

Not only does this monitor pressure it also has a Built in voltage display which can be viewed by pushing the left hand button of the gauge.

The Wireless gauge comes in complete kit form including Pressure Sensors, O-Rings, Lithium Batteries, Fitting Tools & Fitting Instructions.

A few other neat features include adjustable display angle, Subtle display light perfect for night driving & can be added to existing Airbag Man On Board Air Supply Kits.



  • 12V Plug & Play wireless pressure gauge
  • No wiring required, wireless connectivity
  • 0-150 PSI pressure range
  • Fittings kit & instructions included
  • Suitable for airbag vehicle suspension or vehicle to airbag trailer suspension monitoring
  • Plugs straight into your power outlet (cigarette lighter)
  • Inflation valve or 1/8" npt sensor mounting option
  • Can be added onto existing airbag man on board air supply kits
  • 20 Metre signal range
  • User saveable high & low pressure alarms
  • Adjustable display angle
  • Built-In voltage display